In May, in the beautiful setting of Sestri Levante and its bays takes place the Riviera International Film Festival. Now in its sixth edition, the event is now firmly established among the main events of the Italian film scene, hosting artists and actors of national and international fame.

The Riviera International Film Festival is an independent festival that includes important screenings and a competition for young directors from all over the world.

For more information see www.rivierafilm.org



For more than fifty years now there is a famous international literary competition dedicated to fairy tales, starring writers and participants from all over the world, The Andersen Prize.

On that occasion, generally in the first half of June a weekend of Festival is organized, involving street artists and important performers in order to entertain a large audience of adults and children.

Centre of the Festival are the streets of the old town, which are bustling with music, dances and shows; another beautiful setting of the event is the Bay of Silence, where a suggestive stage on the sea in the center of the bay hosts internationally renowned artists.



In the Bay of Silence, on the last Sunday of July, the Barcarolata usually takes place. It is an evocative event that consists of a real parade on the sea: participants compete by decorating their boats (usually gozzi and lancette) as carnival carts made with papier machè, lights and characters dressed in costumes. At the end of the parade, in the night scenery of the Bay, there is a great fireworks display. The event is organized by the Municipality of Sestri Levante and the Naval League.



Shhh! the Silent Disco” is one of the most anticipated events in the Ligurian summers: all equipped with special headphones, thousands of people dance barefoot on the beach, surrounded by the fantastic setting of the Bay of Silence, in total (or almost) silence. The event is promoted by the Cultural Association Mojotic, pioneer of this type of events.



The sporting event “Andersen Run”, born in May 2014 as the opening ceremony of the week of events dedicated to the Andersen Prize is today a real event in its own and has become a strong appeal for fans of the race.

The Andersen Run is a series of competitions where both professional and amateur athletes can compete. It is held on road routes that cross the city and reach the fantastic setting of the Bay of Silence.

There are also routes and competitions suitable for families and children.



Since 1960, from an Idea of Edorado Bo who created one of the traditional dishes of Sestri Levante, Bagnun is also a famous festival that usually takes place on the last weekend of July. During these days, the village of Riva Trigoso (where the Bagnun dish was born) is lit with music and parties and participants can enjoy the famous traditional dish, made with anchovies, tomato and sailor’s biscuit, in a recipe with typical Mediterranean flavors.




“Pane e Olio” (“Bread and Oil“) is the event that takes place every year following the olive harvest and the production of Ligurian PDO extra virgin olive oil, a typical product of local companies.

The event includes ten days full of events, including workshops and show-cooking for adults and children, exhibitions, guided tours to olive groves and mills in the area, thematic dinners and tastings.



This event involves exhibitors and wine and oil producers from the region.

The event takes place at the meeting center of the Convent of the Annunziata.

Thanks to the tasting and display counters, visitors will be able to discover our regional excellences, surrounded by the wonderful context of the Bay of Silence.

For more information see www.maremosto.it



This musical event is a competition for young pianists organized by the Ars Antiqua Association as part of a larger musical project dedicated to young people, which also includes the Summer Chamber Music Festival and Autumn Concerts.

The competition takes place inside the Convent of the Annunziata in Sestri Levante and provides scholarships and prizes for young talents.

For more information see www.concorsobach.it









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